How can I get this on my site?

Hey all, Does anyone know where I can get a map like the one in the url below?

I have looked and cant find anywhere and have no clue how they put this on their site.

Any ideas? search for “map”… or just about any stock image site

I appreciate it, I got the map going but when you hover over the state it shows the worng state, it shows 2 states over to the right. You can see what I mean below

I think your map is out of synch with the coords. If you notice; when you move towrds east coast, the area map stops working and if you move off the west coast from CA, you find that CA is in the Pacific Ocean. Seems to be OK on the vertical.


The coordinates in your HTML aren’t right for that image.

Any easy way to redo the cords or will I have to do trial and error on them?

If they’re all shifted by the same amount it’s not trial and error, it’s just adding the same number to the X position of everything. If you’re the hacker type you could code up a little script to do it in a few lines.

I am definitely no hacker type, its all gonna be done by hand. Ya’lls help has been much appreciated.


I loaded that page in Dreamweaver and it showed all the hotpoints. all I had to do was put them over the correct state. Worked perfect.

Again, I appreciate all your help and time with this.