How can I get the ID of admin in my database and use it for my user

I’m trying to upload an image but the image wont display since I don’t know how to get the ID of my admin in my database

What is it in your database that denotes admin? A particular column with a particular value? If so, just do a query to retrieve any users with that value in that column, then you have the ids of the admin users.

Not sure what this has to do with PHP, but if you’re having issues with PHP code you’ve written, it’s probably good to show us that code in case anyone can spot the problem. But first, how do you define “admin” in the database?

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Sounds like you’re trying to bypass the security of a pre-packaged product. Not a good idea…ever.

Just noticed…you’ve got another thread on this exact topic. Let’s keep the discussions in one place…image can be uploaded but I cant an upload an image for specific user