How can I get more blog traffic after trying all of these things?

I have this blog, and I started it around 10 months back. It has over 100 good content articles, and we are active on lots of social media sites. I have been doing backlinking from time to time. Still I am not getting apt traffic. What more can I do?
SEO is done as well, and we only publish verified and good articles. Its quite demotivating now, any ideas on what might work?

I just took a quick look at your site, and one thing that strikes me is a severe lack of focus. It’s literally lists about…anything? That seems too broad to me, honestly.

But there’s a more important reason why I actually find myself unwilling to even give your site a try beyond just glancing at it for a few minutes. You made the choice to put that extremely disturbing article right on the front page, that hideous blue whale thing. To be honest, that one article is enough to make me never want to go to your site again. The possibility of seeing content like that is enough to steer me away from your site for good. Not sure if anyone else would feel the same, but that’s definitely how I feel.

I’m not sure how much any of this has to do with traffic, just putting it out there. I would look at your site more and offer more commentary, but that one horrifying story is making me unwilling to even look at anything on your site. I will say the site has a nice design and the lists seem interesting, but that’s not enough for me to brave the possibility of reading disturbing content.

The Whale article was published as it was a trending topic recently. We publish some trending topics as a practice to get attention of the crowd.
It’s one of the things I have been trying to bring in traffic. I did not invent that game, for all that it matters. We just published what it was about.
But as you said, the other lists are good, we still face the problem of getting apt traffic on the site, not even as much as their should be after so many good articles!

Who is your target audience for this site? As @storymakerechidna says, the subject matter is very diverse, and I find it hard to picture a target audience to whom the site as a whole - rather than just one or two individual posts - might appeal.

Even if you think about just one area of your site - sport, or technology, or whatever it might be; who is your target audience for that section? More importantly, why should they choose to visit your site, rather than one of the many other sites covering these areas? What do you have to offer that other sites do not?

It seems to me that your site has a huge amount of competition, as you are competing in so many different niches, so it’s going to be an uphill struggle. I think you need to identify your target audience (or audiences) and work out where best to focus your efforts, rather than just generalised social media activity. You also need to give them a reason to visit your site.


My question is why do you need more visitors? I suggest concentrating on doing something useful for the visitors you do have, and if they like what you do they may well share your site link with their friends.

  1. Traffic Syphoning. Most people use the term guest posting. But it’s guest posting only on high traffic websites that are specific to your niche.

  2. Focus your content as oppose to talking about many things. Talk about 1 or 2 things

  3. Learn this site (ifttt) if this ten that. These 3 are game changers

You can learn all this on YouTube

As per my point of view, the topic you have chosen is perfect. The blog which is having all the trending topics has the higher possibilities of getting more traffic. You can generate more traffic by getting quality backlinks and expanding your community on the social media. Get your website linked in the websites that have high page rank!

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