How can I find the browser stylesheet for each browser?

I am trying to find the default browser style file of each of the browser. I have mozzila firefox, internet explorer 5, 6, 7, and 8. I also have safari, and Chrome. I would like to know where the browser style sheet file is in the C: drive and know what to apply.

To my knowledge, only Safari and the Gecko family use true style sheets for the default styles. Firefox’s is at file:///[path to Firefox]/res/*.css

There are standards, quirks and form stylesheets.

I don’t have Win available to check Safari’s stylesheets in IE, but on OS X, it is (or used to be) at file:///System/Library/Frameworks/WebKit.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/WebCore.framework/Versions/A/Resources/*.css Look for html4.css and quirks.css.

I’ve never found IE’s stylesheets, nor Opera’s. It is likely neither actually use css for their defaults, as css is not really all that good for the default values. That would explain all the proprietary -moz- and -khtml- and -webkit- prefixes in the Safari and Firefox stylesheets.

I haven’t found Google-Chrome’s (Linux) stylesheet either.



Gary, noone has ever found IEs stylesheets. There are rumors that it is hidden deep within the registry but noone knows.

For Opera, try
[install folder]/profiles/styles/user/

OK, I found those in ~/.opera/styles/user. Have you looked at those stylesheets? None that I see are the default styles. They are the styles called when you select a debugging view, i.e. View ⇒ Style ⇒ [?]

I still haven’t found the default style sheet, but found serendipitously that by selecting to view the user mode style, and selecting an element in the page, the developer tool will show the default style. In author mode it will indicate the any overwritten values, but you have to work harder to figure out from where the overwritten value came. I suppose were I not so lazy, I might create a specimen style sheet from those values. :slight_smile: