How can I deal with the altered size of the object in Zeplin?

I’m just starting to study UI design and faced a problem in my design.

Problem is that I wanted to make all icon size to 82dp x 82dp, but only one icon (named ‘Schedule’) remains 73dpx73dp. (like this -->


To make that ‘Schedule’ icon to 82dpx82dp (like other icons), I tried rebuilt the icon using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD and more. However, when I export the file to the Zeplin, it still remains 73dpx73dp.
Can I get any help to solve this problem?

Hi @lyunji5525 and a warm welcome to the forum.

I’m just guessing and think it is most probably an over-enthusiastic caching problem.

I would try deleting the online image and refreshing the page. Hopefully this will clear the cache and then upload the revised image.

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Thank you for your reply. I refreshed and rebooted the page and luckily I found what I missed (I didn’t consider the shadow effect)! :smiley:

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