How can i create Auto parts E commerce website

hello guys ,
i need help here plz , im in middle east , and i want to help regarding building an e commerce web sit for auto parts , the site should support free services for customers who choose to search for the parts in different suppliers around middle east countries , the problem is ( the site should support different language basically English and Arabic ) for the supplier to add their items
any suggestion for designer is welcome

thanks in advance

Welcome to the forums, @omarb.

How much experience have you had with building e-commerce sites? There are a huge number of ready-made systems available, including various hosted options. Do you already have in mind a CMS you intend to work with?

We have a fairly recent list here which might give you a starting point of places to look, although some of the links may be out of date by now.

dear TechnoBear

thanks for reply , i don’t have much experience in e commerce , i had my suppliers ready to share their prices and offers through my website.
i was surfing around the web ,i found a lot of e commerce hosting companies but its looks like its meant to be for un -complicated items like (t-shirt-pant- and stuff like that ) i want my website to be searchable by Items Vin number or by model please check this out (
the only different is that i don’t have E-cart
i want the customer to search for his parts and see which supplier is offering it

thanks again

What exactly do you hope to accomplish from this thread given no one is going to write an ecommerce platform for you. I think you should start by analyzing some of the solutions already suggested to see if any of those will work. Building an ecommerce system as you described is a very large task which is probably best approached by using an existing platform unless you have the budget to build something from scratch.

The problem with a lot of ecommerce ( or any ready made site ) is are that they are a “fit all”. This means people can use them for anything. The problem with this is that you will probably not use most of the code as it is not applicabe to you. This also makes it harder to setup and as you have found does not have all the features you want.

So as I understand it you want more of a listing site in two languages. The trader lists their part and the user searches for a part and finds all the traders selling that part.
This is a lot simpler but will still be quite complicated.

In a simple form you will need a form for the trader to fill in - a database to hold the information - a search form to search the database and display the results.

thanks Rubble for reply

that what exactly what im looking for , im still searching for a solution i found a great company in UK , they will to help but with huge $ anyway i will keep posting update regarding that ,

thanks guys alot

Why don’t you try a platform like <snip> or Shopify or Opencart to build your E-commerce website. They have well responsive templates and marketing features what you need. try for few days then you come to know whether we can use or not as they are providing free trial period for 14 days.

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I think the point that omarb was trying to make ecommercefreak is that he or she doesn’t want a website builder that is a generic cookie-cutter platform. omarb wants something customizable and will incorporate all of the features to a T. For that, you need to hire a good web designer who can implement exactly what you want.

Good luck with it. There is actually a company that I know of in the UK that is doing ecommerce for autoparts pretty much exactly like that. It is broken down by car model and you can search products by category or by product number. It’s a really good set up. That way too it isn’t forcing someone to search through an endless amount of products that won’t fit to their specific vehicle. I would personally implement a search by car model option as well, if you aren’t planning to do that already.

Good luck!

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