How can i ask a specific question to a specific person

some days ago i asked a question through these forum about internet marketing and that time i was impressed may fit back but i can not reply or contact with the pacific person.Now my question is, how can i ask a pacific question to a pacific person… Please suggest me…

Well, we are all pacific members in this forum. We don’t resort to violence, and do not engage in conficts of any kind.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist that. I assume you want to contact a specific member. If that’s right, you can use the Private Message system. To do so, just click on the “Private Messages” link in the second-row menu near the top-left of the screen (below the Home link). Next, click the “Send New Message” link in the left-hand sidebar.

You will need to know the member’s username (the one you see in the forum threads) - or at least the first few characters of it.


Hey! Speak for yourself, I’m more accurately an Atlantic member.

Seriously though, the thread you are referring to is still open for posting, why not simply ask them there

Can you help me please? I want to talk to somebody on your forum regarding advertising and sticky topics.
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You can PM me about that. :slight_smile: