How? blindly open a few websites in succession

So I have no idea how hard this would be to do, i don’t think it should be too difficult considering it’s just a couple http requests with a timer.

  1. I have a couple little php files that I want to open one after the next.
  2. The php files each deposit some information into a mysql table.
  3. When the php files are done running I want to pull the information the php scripts deposit into the mysql database when the javascript is done.

Thanks, I’d love to hear if anyone could point me to a tutorial or similar script I can modify. :slight_smile:

Why would you go with the way of using JS to open a few scripts in succession? There are way better ways of doing something such as sequential execution of different parts of application that don’t rely on the browser.

well the files are located on remote servers, i’m gathering information data about those servers.

how else would i do it?

PHP is ran prior to page load. What are your php files doing?

Can I run php files on remote (shared) servers? I wouldn’t think I could …

The php files gather some current information about my data on the other servers (like the size of the database, but actually does some other things as well) and then stores that data in my local mysql database to be called on locally by this script.

The local php file will run this check program of the remote servers, wait for the mysql updates to the local server be made, and then display the data. Eventually it will show averages (such as growth, etc.)