How big should my logo element be in comparison to text?

Hi there,

I am putting together a logo and wondered what the rule f thumb is when it comes to the size of a logo element and how big it should be compared to the text?

This is what I have:


Should the “b” be bigger/smaller?

Any feedback would be appreciated.



Perhaps aligned a little lower instead, like at text-bottom.

The word listings seems too tight (if it’s a separate word), maybe add a tiny word space?

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Thanks for the reply.

The element is currently aligned to the bottom, but I see what you mean - it doesn’t look aligned.

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You can align it to the bottom of the final g and leave it the same size.

I suggest, for better design cohesion, that the bold lines of the b at left be the same thickness as the same-color text at right.

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text should be a bit smaller and the base should be aligned to the logo base

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