How average coder pass tech interviews today?


I tried to apply for jobs from years now I think from 2016 and I focused on learning the most demanding tech for companies like reactjs and nodejs but I was wrong all the companies I apply for are not big they are small or startup and they redirect me to solve hard algorithms problems like from leetcode and hacker rank.

I found those questions are the same in Google, Amazon , facebook and other giants interview !!

I found some courses to learn algorithms like from leetcode but it seems a very long way. Why they made tech interview so hard ?

Before mayabe 2009 it was easy to get a job and they ask you in the programming language knowledge only now it is algorithms even from very small companies and I am not that genius or I have strong memory to remember hunderds or problems and solve them in small timed tests.

I am also getting old (46) and dont have the same abilities to remember and work long hours like I was in 30s or 20s (actually I started when I was 15 years old). any advise what to do ?

Because most “tests” now are less about how well you can code a language, because with the speed that languages change, what is being used today may not be what’s being used tomorrow. Instead, they more focused on looking at how you think.

And it’s often not even about getting something right or wrong, but how you approach problems, how you problem solve. Do you take a methodical approach, or do you have a unique point of view and take an approach which is new an innovative? If you are one of those two types and get something wrong, that’s often better than random guessing or brute force and getting the correct answer.

HR give me the steps and first step is solving algrithmis in limited time they then make a live meeting to ask the candidate about the languages, framework and tools they use in a verbal way

Generally, the Interviewer asks questions as per your knowledge, skills, and experience. If you have 2 years of experience as a Developer they will ask you normal questions like how did you create this project what technology did you use, how much time you took to complete the project, and will ask you related to this.

If you have 10+ years of experience and carry a number of certifications then naturally their demand will increase because they are going to hire you for a senior-level position. They will ask you tough questions to know how you can handle their products, projects, or clients.

they never do that. I apply to small companies and all forward me to online test platform like hacker rank to solve complex problems in short time. If I have the skills to solve a problem that take for ex 2 days from me in 30 min I would apply better for facebook or amazon

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