How are these animations made

what kind of languages and technologies are involved to make such animations →

I am quite interested to know this.

That animation is a video file. So it’s not what I would class as a “web anim” as such, like a css anim or canvas.
So I doubt it was made using code or technologies relating to web development.
I was more likely produced using some animation software with a GUI. The software then renders a series of frames to be encoded to a video file for upload.

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I didn’t understand this can you please elaborate. Thanks.

I am also very interested to know the answer but I think first the graphics is made using Adobe Illustrator or any other vector software and then for the animation software like Powtoon and such are used. There are some more software too… I just forgot their name. Adobe AE can also be used. BTW, I am not a animator :slight_smile:

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Try Googling “2d animation software” you should see a whole bunch of examples.

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I can also add to this, you can use an image editor such as Photoshop, Fireworks, or even Illustrator. Then, while using those image editors, create a gif like image using multiple layers with different speed. Then, convert that into a video using online sources that can convert gif images to video, or you can use a video editor or a screencast software. Add in your background music. And you have something similar to the video you linked.

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This is animated in flash and exported as a movie. You can see the tween artifact all over the place for those familiar with this technique.


~ Alex

what about these videos →

Flash or some javascript usage? or something else?

Nothing of the sort, certainly something else. These are 3D animations, rendered from a 3D animation program, as opposed to the 2D program used in the first anim you posted.
As before, this is not what I consider “web” technology, but video. The results are encoded to a video file and uploaded to the web.

The videos are created using a software called Poser3D. It is a very simple 3D package to use. There has nothing to do with programming languages or anything of the sort.

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