How about frontpage?

I am review my site and need a software to edit some texts in my site. I heard about Frontpage but I don’t know much about this. I tried to find a source to download it but I can’t. Anyone can help me?

I tried using Microsoft FrontPage years ago when I was just getting started learning HTML and CSS and it was pretty bad. The code it produced was bad and the program itself was a little buggy. FrontPage has been discontinued. It was replaced by Microsoft Expression Web which is now available for download for free. I downloaded Expression Web (and Microsoft’s free image editor Expression Design) months ago with the intent to evaluate it but never got around to doing it.

So if you want to evaluate Microsoft’s web page editor, go to the Expression Web page and download it. If you don’t mind coding manually (as many of us do), you can look at the free Notepad++ text editor.

My trouble is that: when I edit my text in Microsoft Word, it is ok. But when I upload this complete test into my site, it is changed. I don’t know how to fix it. Someone say me to use Frontpage. Do you have any solution for me?

hello you can try adobe Dreamweaver 8. in this you can code your website as well as design it.

  1. The last release of FrontPage came out in 2003, and the product was finally discontinued in 2006. That’s an ancient artifact as far as the web is concerned. So no, it’s not ideal for web development today.

  2. Editing webpages is word is nasty. You run into all sorts of formatting issues and garbage code. Again, not the ideal tool for web development

  3. Dreamweaver isn’t bad, as far as WYSIWYG tools go. However, it’s quite expensive. Any WYSIWYG editor adds unnecessary code, which is why some pages produced by them can look different in different browsers. As for Dreamweaver 8 specifically, again, an ancient artifact of the web since it was released in 2005.

Most web developers typically use a text editor or IDE (notepad++ or Eclipse with a plugin specific to the language being used), and a browser with the firebug add-on.

For building websites in general, you can also use a CMS, such as wordpress, drupal,or expressionengine. Those are platforms that can help you build a website without you actually needing to touch any code if you don’t want to.

Try Dreamweaver, it’s not free but it’s worth to buy license, anyway you can try the trial then if you are satisfied upgrade it to premium… good luck!

If it is just “to edit some texts in my site”, and the site is doing well for the rest, then you don’t need to buy Dreamweaver (and to learn how DW is working!). :wink:

  • Suggestion: try [U]KompoZer[/U], which is free, has a WYSIWYG window and a code-window, is working look-a-like the MS Office family (old style, without the ribbon), and is way better then Frontpage.

Microsoft abandoned Frontpage because it was going to be too difficult to fix it to work with more modern browsers than IE6.

Kompozer has basically been abandoned. The last release was in 2007, and the last beta release was in 2010.

There simply isn’t too much demand these days for WYSIWYG editors with the availability of CMS platforms and Firebug. Since you have to test your code in different browsers, it doesn’t make much sense to lock yourself in to the viewer/browser that the WYSIWYG editor provides (instead, you use the actual browser to test, and firebug to look at how the browser interprets the code).

Basically, folks who aren’t familiar with code (and/or don’t want to learn how to code) just typically want to post stuff, and folks who know how to or want to learn how to code find that WYSIWYG editors employ poor coding practices and don’t offer a good way to reliably test code.

At least Kompozer was amongst the best of them - provided that you worked out the right way to use it you could actually get it to generate standard compliant code - there were plenty of ways to get garbage instead though.

If you don’t want to learn how to write HTML then the simplest solution these days is to use a framework such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc where you can use the built in WYSIWYAG editor to create the individual pieces of content.

Yes; but I did’t mean to suggest Kompozer as WYSIWYG-sitebuilder for a new site, only for a quick text-changing without influencing the existing html-code too much (“If it is just ‘to edit some texts in my site’, and the site is doing well for the rest, …”). - Then saving the file will not be dangerous.

I admit, if it’s not only plain text to be changed, but for instance also positioning things (like a floated image), you have to know what you are doing - then you can go to the code-view in Kompozer (and test it in real browsers).
Or use [U]Notepad++[/U] or something like that.

Agree 100%; in case of maintaining the existing site of philipjohn it is in fact the suggestion to make a new (CMS) site or to learn coding: both of them is not bad after all. :slight_smile:

Wondering what philipjohn is thinking!

Go with Dreamweaver. It won’t be that hard.
I remember my first web page back in 2001. I made it on Frontpage :slight_smile: Kinda, nostalgic.

FrontPage has been discontinued and is obsolete, so it’s a moot point as to what “features” it had. In any case, the preview could only show you what the site would look like using a variant of IE’s Trident rendering engine.

Two problems with that–it’s prohibitively expensive (Dreamweaver CS6 currently retails for $400) and spits out junk code.

It doesn’t spit out junk code if you use it properly - which means you will spend almost all of your time working directly with the HTML and seldom use the WYSIWYAG pane.

Then that effectively defeats the purpose of a WYSIWYG editor, so you might as well go with a freebie code editor like notepad++ or Aptana.

There must be some benefit that Dreamweaver provides when the code editor is mostly used - otherwise why do so many professional web designers create their web pages in the Dreamweaver code editor instead of using a free code editor?

I started out on frontpage in the 90s, migrated to dreamweaver for while, then migrated to notepad++/aptana/firebug. In part, this progression was simply because of the experience I acquired since web development and the improvements/availability of development tools and browsers.

As for why experienced web developers would use dreamweaver today, I really don’t know. The last time I used it, most of the features I cared about were present in notepad++/aptana. Maybe an active dreamweaver user could chime in?

You probably know that FrontPage is a Web site design tool. But it has another major role that’s important to remember: FrontPage is also a Web site management tool.

How do you use FrontPage to help you manage your site? Here are examples of what you can do:

Add, rename, delete, or move around files (without doing it in Microsoft Windows Explorer)
Fix problems by using special reports, like the broken hyperlinks report
Publish a Web site

The important thing to remember is that these management features are not available when opening and working on single HTML files. They are available only when you open and work on a FrontPage Web site.

Microsoft actually have another product called Expression Web which is a simple web page editor.

Learn more about Microsoft Expression Web at Creative Bloq
Download Microsoft Expression Web for free here

FrontPage essentially had built-in FTP capabilities. If the server had FrontPage extensions installed, only then could you do some of the “special” features.

Today, you can use 3rd-party FTP tools and link checkers.

Expression Web has been discontinued as well.