Hovers in a SVG

I have pop up menus which are in the foreign tag (which become visible when you hover over one of the boxes., because I needed to include HTML in the SVG,
the pop-up works fine in FF, but it fails in IE, hon wan T get IE to see it?

Hi there lurtnowski,

I cannot answer your IE11 question but would like to
mention that the page has numerous coding errors…

Showing results for ~ system_architecture.html

…whose correction may provide an answer. :winky:


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It’s not supported in ie11 and under at all.

damn, IE is the black sheep of browsers

Can I do this (as a workaround)
Have a div overlay to SVG, with the same width/height so ts the right dimensions,
then create an absolutely position div for each foreignobject in the SVG, then also create a div to cover any link in my SVG so I can use that to make the menu div appear

Would that work?

We did something similar in one of your other threads.


oh, is it ok if I use that

If you mean the overlay technique then yes you can do that but seems a lot of work just for IE11.

It may be awkward to make scalable though as your svg scales everything up and down including the text size. You would probably need to use media queries and adjust text size accordingly.

If you have it working everywhere else then you may want to just add the extra code for IE11. (which could be done in a hacky way by using the css @supports rule that IE11 doesn’t understand and then just hiding the extra IE11 elements for modern browsers).

Otherwise just rewrite the whole thing to suit everyone and use the overlay technique instead of the foreignobject.


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