Hover Issues

Attached is a jpg of the site mock up.

On the right side under the heading: FEATURED FINANCINGS, you see thumbnails with Example Slide 1, and so on. I’m trying to mimic the blue background hover. I have that exported as an image and tried applying it as a background-image in my css when you hover over that div.

If you try to hover over it, it does some weird stuff…




I’m just on my way out the door but I’ll give some quick pointers.

Make the element the size of the background image to start with and don#t change its size or positioning on hover. Just change the background image on hover.

You need to make everything sit in the right place to start with and then when you hover you just show the background image without moving anything else around.

I’ll be back tomorrow if you are still stuck (or if someone else wants to jump in :))

I got it - thanks!