Hotmail renderes HTML entity incorrectly

Hello there,

I was testing a HTML email which has a footer like below.

          <td align="center" style="font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;color:#252525;">&copy; 2012 Company Name is the trading name for Holding Company (Holdings) Limited. <br/>
            Registered Office: Sample Road, Sample City, XX1 2XX Company Reg. No (England and Wales): 00000000.</td>

On Hotmail I noticed that the copyright mark is rendered much bigger (about 24px) than intended. Attached is the screenshot of this. Does anyone know how to display this character correctly on Hotmail? This is the only HTML entity that I have noticed the issue so far.


Wow, if that’s the only problem you are having in Hotmail, the gods are smiling on you! :lol:

One thing you could try is to wrap the copyright character in a span with an explicit size. E.g.

[COLOR="#FF0000"]<span style="font-size: 10px;">[/COLOR]&copy;[COLOR="#FF0000"]</span>[/COLOR]

That’s usually the first thing I try with email oddities like this.

Found a blog post about the issue with a proposed fix:

Thank you for the input! The method on Email Design Review worked, although it still doesn’t look as good as “proper” HTML entities.

It would be great if there are any way to prevent Hotmail from converting these character to their own Emoji.

yes, different email systems act different to css/html, Some people use to sent email with email template.