Hotel / Caravan Park Reservation / Online Bookin


A client has approached me looking for a script for online booking so clients can book caravans/rooms online.
They have around 10 properties on site and 30+ self-catering caravans.

I looked over at but they’ve got 100’s to trawl through.

Can anyone give me any advice on open source / pay-for solutions?

Many Thanks!

Does it need to be integrated with a payment solution, or will it simply be a reservation system?

Thanks for the reply.

Preferrably yes. There’s no backend office solution though.

I wouldn’t start researching scripts until you know what payment gateway you’ll be using. Or you’ll be using in the future. It won’t be any good if you can’t easily integrate the solution at a later date.
I would write the code myself to customize what I needed – but I’m not familiar with many payment gateways. I use paypal exclusively (to date).

Hi There,

I am part of the technical team behind www-dot-caravansitefinder-dot-co-dot-uk which has an online booking engine.

We have an API that is used by software providers such as www-dot- goughware-dot-com to provide online availability and booking from camping sites and caravan parks.

The web site is owned and administered by Haymarket (www-dot-haymarket-dot-com) so you would be dealing with them on the business side.

You could either use Goughware directly or use our API to provide your online booking services.

If you have not already got a solution, good luck!

Another good example/solution is
i hope i could help

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