Hosts file clarification wanted please

I am in the process of trying to setup a DigitalOcean Droplet running Linux Ubuntu 14.04,Apache2 Php, MySql…

I have managed to create in “/etc/Apache2/sites-available/” and similar for (and also a my real sites which are in the process of being propagated).

I read somewhere that the following Linux Mint command can be used to access the Droplets

sudo nano /etc/hosts

# **localhost** works OK in my browser and call show the relevant Droplet Virtual Host localhost

# both these work OK in my browser

**My question:** If I supply the actual DNS Record name to someone else can they access my Droplet?

I hope I have used the correct names, etc, if not please highlight the mistakes.

Yes provided that it is a public address available to anyone. There are a few ranges that are defined as private to the local network so if you provide one of those it will only work if they are on your local network.

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