Hosting that does NOT use Google or Amazon?

I’m looking for excellent website host company in the United States that does NOT use Google or Amazon to actually host their clients. I recently found out my current host is “powered by Google Cloud”. I have looked at many companies, and I don’t assume they aren’t using them just because they don’t say so. How do we find ones that don’t use Google or Amazon? Thanks!

I would probably pick a couple out you like then email and ask them.


What is wrong with Google and Amazon? I am not recommending them but it would help to know why you need to avoid them. Someone might recommend GoDaddy and if you do not want to use them either then it would help to know why. There is also Microsoft Azure and IBM Cloud but I get the impression you do not want to use any of the big ones. It would also help to know if you need Apache or Windows. Also, do you Git? Finding a good host can be difficult. Many good ones get bought out by a big hosting company that is not as good.

Without digressing into other subjects, perhaps the OP feels a moral duty (as I do) to boycott those 2 monopolistic mega-corporations and their questionable business practices. :zipper_mouth_face:
I cannot find any evidence showing my current host using Google services, but it may be against posting rules to plug my web host.

Gratuitous plugging is one thing, but making a useful suggestion that helps answer the OP’s question is encouraged.

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Well, JustHost is one of the nicest ones I have used and has database features like foreign keys :key: when others do not, but I do think it is a bit more expensive than some competitors.

There is a “Sign in with Google” button placed within the login screen, so that probably implies that it is not what the poster was asking for, but I do not see anything indicating that they rely on any other third-party to render their services.
Anyway, it’s good enough for me. Maybe this helps you make a decision later.

You will just have to go directly to the companies to get an exact answer.

That is understandable. I just say that it would help if the person requesting help were to state that explicitly so we do not need to speculate.

Yes, something like that… :grimacing: Also concerns about them possibly ruining my hosting and possibly my whole web design business that I am building, simply because they disagree with some content someone wrote somewhere… (I’m sure they have bigger fish to fry, but there’s no telling where it will end up). I don’t know about IBM Cloud, but I am not inclined to add any more Microsoft to my life (Azure). Basically, looking for recommendations for good quality hosting in the USA (that uses their own servers?) and isn’t participating in cancel culture. Hopefully that helps. Thanks for all the replies!

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