Hosting service

What is hosting service? I thought it could be kind designing process to promote the business sites… But, somebody told that this could enable some more promotions with the server… Share few things on server on the hosting service…!

Hosting Services are the services provided by various companies to actually put your website ON the internet. Once it has been designed and built it needs to be hosted somewhere for others to access and view it.

Exactly, good explanation. You will need to find your hosting provider now. there is a list on here for places to use. Ive been with for about4 months now, and love them.

Hosting service starts after you complete the design part of your website. Its the service where you host your website by renting a standalone server or some space on it. Once website is uploaded on the server then it can be accessed by a end user over Internet.

Its perfectly possible - just a case of finding a suitable host in the US for your site and signing up for their service. Which host will really depend on your budget.

I have a new website in German and i want to buy hosting in US for it.

That is entirely possible, and it may save you a few dollars as the euro is still a bit overvalued, and the size of the US market and competition there leads to smaller real costs. That being said, if your visitors are going to be Germans, Austrians etc., the distance between them and the location of your server may affect the average time it takes them to load a page.

There’s also search engine optimization to be considered (if you don’t plan to use a country tld):

There are a lot of cheap and reliable hosts out there in US. Pick one that suits your current needs. What’s the disk space used currently? If your site will use PHP & MySQL, then there are a wide set of options for you.

Seeing you already know what hosting is, I highly recommend you start off small with a simple shared hosting plan. A Linux based hosting plan will get you PHP and mySQL which will work just fine as you are starting out. Consider a VPS once you start growing in terms of traffic.