Hosting provider for free domain

i searched a lot about hosting companies for free domain, actually i want to conform that their really provide free domain for affective working, as there all specifying the very wondering features under free domain only! such things are real or fake with respective to particular hosting companies! hope to get generic review to my post! thanking you in advance.

Firstly, there’s no such tthing as a “free” domain; it has to be paid for somehow. If a company is offering “free” domains, then they are factoring in the costs with their hosting.

You also need to be careful, as many companies which offer a “free” domain with hosting apparently register the domain to themselves, so you would run into difficulties if you wanted to transfer to another company, as the domain is not yours.

I had a client site with a company which offered a domain “free for the lifetime of the hosting”. (Although the cost of hosting there was more than the cost of equivalent hosting + domain elsewhere. ;)) In this case, the domain (which was transferred in) did remain in the client’s name. Unfortunately, when it was due for renewal the second time, an “error in the billing system” billed the client for the domain as well as the hosting, and they’d paid it before I noticed. We raised it with the hosting company, and although they agreed that it was their error, they were adamant they could do nothing about it, as the invoice had already been paid. :frowning: (Needless to say, the site is no longer hosted there.)

i’m wondering such things can happen with domains.

how to know that domain is not used by anyone previously?

but i searched in internet regarding free hosting services, is it all fake? if you want to give any referral i will. because i planned to get that hosting service.
if you refer that site and give your view it will be helpful!

please give reply to get that referral! thanking for your previous reply!

You can get free domain name & hosting from, google sites is another way to get hosting & domain.

You can use a service such as to check the history of a domain.

Your original question was asking about free domains, not free hosting. Free hosting usually has the drawback of placing advertising - over which you have no control - on your site. There may be other restrictions, too. I would forget about free hosting and go for a paid service where you’re in control of both your hosting and your domain. The costs are not high and are outweighed by the benefits, in my opinion.

ya technobear, i specified free hosting providers, with them only we get the domain and other service which required for website building, so free domain or free hosting includes same.

and i got your point of “no control” on websites. but all hosting providers will be same. as a startup i want to go with free hosting only, because to high up my skills in web building. later surely, i will go with paid hosting.

for that i went with some free hosting sites. but i unable to review them. so, can you help me getting review to their having some 0.8$ pay, but their providing some services.

if you want additional information about sites means i can give to you!

hope to get soon with healthy reviews!