Hostgator IMAP Settings - Mac Mail (Images)

Hi everyone,
I am trying to hook up my HostGator email to Mac Mail (Lion 10.7.3) through IMAP and it seems to be working fine except for sending emails with images in them. The email won’t complete the transit at all when an image is copied into the body of the email. The online version of cPanel email using Roundcube Webmail works fine (sends images up to 50MB in filesize) but I also need to make it work correctly in Mac Mail too. The images I am trying to send in Mac Mail are only 100kb in filesize.

Can this still be done? Or am I forced to pay for something like Google Apps to make email clients work?



That sounds like a problem in your MacMail configuration. Look for a line in your configuration file which limits the size of the message (caused by an embedded image) or size of images … or get used to using Roundcube.