Hostbill or WHMCS with Onapp?


I searched google for a solution regarding which one is best Hostbill or WHMCS when we use it with Onapp cloud software but was not able to find it anywhere. Everywhere it says both are good and both will work good.

I expect you guys can help me find a solution for this.


If you are not sure about WHMCS - you can visit their support forums and find out. Also check Onapp support forums (if exist). Maybe you will be able to find solution there?

I’m not able to find an answer there :frowning:

Here is your answer … OnAPP has a complete FAQ for WHMCS integration … Read this: WHMCS FAQs | OnApp

These things I have gone through. Similar sort of things are there in the website regarding hostbill also.

Actually I’m looking for a feedback from someone who is using either WHMCS or Hostbill with Onapp.

OnAPP is a new technology emerging in the market for cloud hosting. You will rarely find audience using either combination of this technology.

I am using WHMCS since last 12 months … and I am very happy with them. I believe that 70%+ market in hosting billing industry is covered by WHMCS.

So, If I was you, I should have tried WHMCS + OnAPP.

Just a side note: OnAPP licensing is a bit costly. They charge you per physical core on the server. A server with dual processor and 8 cores in each processor will have license cost of $160 / month for this server.

Thanks for your reply.

I know Onapp is costly but still it is a sound one.

And it will be bit difficult to get a feedback from one’s using Onapp + WHMCS/Hostbill. Still I hope will be able to find someone.


WHMCS should work fine, because they are very active in development, and even OnApp provides a detailed faq about their WHMCS integration.

I am doing a demo with OnApp tomorrow. We use WHMCS and we like it.

We are waiting for your feedback after the demo. :slight_smile:

It seems like a great piece of software but is a little to expensive. The gui is nice. I did hear about some bugs from some other forums. We have decided not to go with it based on price. For some of our servers it would be $160 a month which cuts to much into the profit.

+1 for WHMCS. Also, onApp has WHMCS integration.


If you want to do a good choice, what i suggest you is to look at the features, and try the demos… don’t base your opinion only on what you see on forums!!

With Hostbill, there are no demos, but there is a section called “extras” on their website…

you can get a demo version for 14 days, of each of those solutions… try them!

Personaly, i tried both of them… Hostbill is nice because you have a lot of templates carts (many sliders, and nice dedicated server order form)…
integration is easy, and you will get for sure a very beautifull website, and it won’t look the same as the thousans web hosting companies who are using WHMCS (seems more profesionnal)

But : you will need to wait for about 24 and sometimes 72 hours before you can get an answer to one of your tickets… and there are still some bugs… so you will need sometimes to get some support…

With WHMCS, you get a fast support, but your website will look like practically the same as tons of other small and medium web hosting companies.
You will need to modify the templates to make it look like different…

Both of them have very good functionalities for On App.

Hi Guys,

We have setup Onapp and Hostbill and it is working well.

‘Bonjour!’ as you said the only prob is Hostbill guys will reply in 12 hours, still they are doing a great job. :slight_smile:

…they won’t respond within 12 hours… …they respond within 24 to 48 hours, and sometimes more…

Honestly, i do much prefer the admin interface of Hostbill… …it’s easier to use, you can learn how to do everything very quickly.

…but, there are still a lot of bugs in Hostbill. You will need their help after praticaly each upgrade (and there are upgrades every months).

I recently switched to WHMCS, what i saw is they deliver the exact same functions… …plus many other extras : resellers are able to unblock customers in csf firewalls, there are also tons of plugins created by community, and the documentation is complete… …on the Hostbill side, they praticaly did not improved their documentation during the 2 years i was customer at their company, they always kept it very basic…

The chat addon of Hostbill is not working half of time. Some registrar modules still doesn’t work even if Hostbill support created around 7-10 patches… impossible to register domains automaticaly, always have to perform registration manualy + the cron jobs scripts are messy…

Honestly, i would like to switch back to Hostbill… …because of the admin interface… …but they do not test their new releases enough, and look like to think all their customers are beta testers… WHMCS is a bit hugly, but at least, you know it’s been tested, it’s working, and there is always someone who already created the module you need…

When it comes to OnApp integration HostBill is by far best pick - take a look at feature page for OnApp: HostBill | Complete Client Management, Support and Billing Software for WebHosts

Can you tell us why?

Cause it seems like Hostbill just cheated on WHMCS : the database structure is the same, they just copied over WHMCS, whitout providing any improvements on anything…

Also… i don’t see why someone should pay to get the OnApp modules from Hostbill, when WHMCS deliver them for free!!!

By switching to Hostbill, you do not get more functions, you just loose many functions (like monitoring, ip’s management, etc…)

Cause as per the OnApp website, Integrations | OnApp
OnApp integrates with WHMCS via a couple of dedicated modules. They give you flexible control of cloud services through WHMCS, and enable your clients to manage their cloud services. You can set up your own predefined products and pricing, or allow your clients to configure their own. Your clients can create and manage virtual machines through their WHMCS portal in the same way they would in OnApp, including VNC console access. Integration also takes care of billing.

Can you tell us why?

Cause it seems like Hostbill just cheated on WHMCS : the database structure is the same, they just copied over WHMCS, whitout providing any improvements on anything…

Also… i don’t see why someone should pay to get the OnApp modules from Hostbill, when WHMCS deliver them for free!!!=

I dont think you’ve followed link I’ve sent you - HostBill integration with OnApp is not only for free but much more feature-rich than whmcs :wink:

WHMCS is probably the better option for you. It is a lot more versatile in function and definitely was the original in my opinion. HostBill is like a carbon copy without any better functionality.

WHMCS is a very powerful billing solution. I like to think of it as the WordPress of billing software.