Host for Web Directory

Hello Guys,

I m new to Internet Business, I want to Launch a Web Directory and for that i need a host. But i don’t know how space required to run it…?

Can any one explain about this.?

Thanx in Advance.

John D

The directory software itself is unlikely to require more than few tens of MBs. Add content to the site (links and website descriptions), and you’re still very likely to be using under 100MB of space (more if images are going to be added, like a website snapshots/thumbnails).

The vast majority of web hosting packages come with a few GBs of space, so you’re unlikely to have problems in the disk space department.

I recommend you take the smallest shared web hosting account. Time will help you to understand what should be changed. That can be you will not need to change something during next few month

reasonable advice above… just chiming in for my 2c… get your directory on a dedicated IP - from my personal experience directories suffer a lot in SERP when the end in bad neighborhoods. it might also look more respectable to advertisers looking to place banners on your pages. even if you start with the smallest hosting plan, choose your provider so that you can have your dedicated IP at a later time without excessive extra charges.

there is a software called phplinkdirectory. You can check it. As far as for the web hosts, there are plenty of them around.

Go to the and chose web application for your directory you like. Then knowing php/mysql requirements do the search for the web hosting.
Good luck

The majority of hosts will be fine for a directory script/site. It’s just a matter of doing some research and choosing the right host for you.

I agree with was said above. You need to chose web plication and then do the search for the web hosting solution. If you are planning rapid growing I recommend start with VPS not with simple web hosting account

I run 2 of my directories on my server and they are quite old and get decent enough traffic one has alexa rank of 48K something and other one 51K something , alexa not too good of a measure of traffic but gives some idea.

Here is what i end up using :
Disk Usage 389.61/35000 MB
Bandwidth 3.9 GB

As per unique traffic its 9534 unique visitors every month.

So you should be able to get decent hosting for your site for less than $2 for sure . Script i ended up using was phpld.


thank you for your reply guys. the concept is much clear by your replies.