Horizontal Nav Menus - This site is killing me

I designed this site (based on the customer’s tastes). There is NO fancy coding - just basic HTML and CSS.

Now, I’ve done this many times before — do a CSS horizontal navigation menu.

Here’s the site in question: http://www.bestgameproducts.com
The navigation is to go the full width beneath the header. Right now, there are 5 links/button, with a 6th to be created this weekend (new page).

I’ve taken code from other sites I’ve worked on … changed out the background button image (for link and hover effect) and edited the links as appropriate. Easy peasy…right!!!

Ummmm nope.

Long story short … I have tried at least 7 different ways to get a horizontal menu to show on this site and nothing works. I’ve done the ‘pre-packaged’ ones from DynamicDrive (which I’ve used without issue many times before). I’ve taken menus from other client site’s. I’ve even done a plain one row table with just the basics in styling.

I’m banging my head on the table right now and am about to cry. There has GOT to be something blatantly obvious I’m missing. I have left it as the scripting I’ve taken from another client’s site, but with the appropriate changes to the button background and links done (blue background that changes on hover and white font as .png images). You can see how it works just fine on that client’s site (which I’m in the middle of upgrading the original design: http://www.thespilledbean.com/index-build.php).

Right at this point, I don’t care if the ‘buttons’ are static … with a nice comparable shade of blue with white font (no hover effect). Just as long as the button are relatively even in width, span the full 900px beneath the header, and gives me leave to add additional pages as need be.

The client is wanting to do a huge advertising push Monday and can’t with the site’s menu pretty much non-existent.

Maybe it’s caused by this parse error in your CSS (double quote before closing bracket):

.product {

Renders fine in Safari BTW.

OMG! Thank SO SO SO much! I knew it was something obvious!

I had the buttons working fine the other day … then went and started on some other changes (code updates since it had been 2 years since I first created the site) … and I guess a “butter finger slip” caused the problem!

huge sigh of relief :lol: