Horizontal Alignment


I’m putting together an online shop with products displayed in their own divs, which can be different heights, depending on image sizes and descriptions etc. Each div width is 24%.

Each row of 4 products is held in an additional div and I would like to align the products so that the bottoms all line up with the tallest product div, like they are standing next to each other rather than hanging from a line (hope that makes sense!).

All rows are contained within an additional div.

Unfortunately struggling with this, although I suspect the answer is out there.

Any help much appreciated.

Hi, I’ll put together a little thing…but first question, and most important. Do you know the height of the “additional” div?

Thanks RyanReese,

No - the div heights are all driven dynamically from the database tables plus the images so can vary as therefore can the additional holding divs. If absolutely necessary could probably make a call for the maximum height for each of the product categories but would prefer to have a flexible option.

Thanks in advance.