Holy Grail 3 Column Liquid Layout - No Quirks Mode

I found a 3 column fluid layout I really like at this website: http://matthewjamestaylor.com/blog/holy-grail-no-quirks-mode.htm

Problem is: I would like to put an image at the top of the left column without any margins showing. Is there a workaround for this problem? If it weren’t for the margins in the left column, the layout would work great for me!

Hi, well it depends on what you need…if the image is a fixed width (and it just repeat-y) then you could specify the image to start a few pixels over on hte left column (and it will stop before the right margin sides if the image is a correct width)


I use Matthew’s layouts frequently, and I can recommend them with some reservations – there are some quirks that you may find irritating, but even so, they are excellent. You’re using the fixed-width version, which I’ve never used. Ryan’s suggestion should work nicely. Given the parameters you cite, your best bet is to play with slightly different sized images until you can get it to work, and make sure you test it in different browsers and on different machines (Mac, Win, and Linux if you have access).