Hire a designer or roll it myself?

I’m considering starting to do some freelance development work, but I’m really not that great on Design at this point. I definitely have a lot to learn on the Dev side, so I’ll charge less. Would It be advisable/possible to hire a designer for the design work, and do the development myself? (charging less) I’m really lacking in the Business department too, so I don’t know how I would work out all the money and communications and such. Advice?

do it by yourself, if you have enough time. you can learn more during the job…

Hi bryce-m,

Do you a hobby or area of interest that you could practise making a website? I would recommend that you don’t do the being very green and taking on paid work unless the customer is clear how green you are and you both agree to a price or barter of services. Otherwise you can design and refine a hobby site so you have something to show and you put in reps to learning what will be needed to do ‘paid work’. This will also help you determine price because you will no a little more about what does and doesn’t take a lot of time.

It is important to spend some time refining your skills so you don’t take advantage of someone. If you really want to learn you can expect that it will take 2 years until you are proficient enough to take on Design, XHTML, CSS and JavaScript; many people take longer than this.

It is good that you are thinking about doing this and not just jumping in before asking questions, but you want to be sure you deliver what you promise and how do you know what to promise if you haven’t done it very much or at all? I don’t think you can make promises with an absence of experience.


if you get the work, it never hurts to set up relations with some designers to help … the bottom line is, you want to make things happen for the client

Try to do it yourself first. At least give it a try to know the outcome. If it is worthy than hire a designer. Don’t give up at any point, if you lose a client you will get a new one too. Ask people who are doing some business to help you.

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Well i am here i would like to say you that you should hire a good person for hire a designer because there are many fake designers who have no idea to use the graphics or designing programs and they are doing this work so this is depends on you that you should hire a good person …

Do it yourself. To gain more experience and to express your feelings more.