Hilarious Irreverent Internet Explorer Eulogy Video

Hey everyone, check out this hilarious Internet Explorer Eulogy video I wrote and produced with a friend of mine.

When I heard of Microsoft’s decision to kill off Internet Explorer, I knew right away this needed to me made. I wrote the script and a friend of mine loved it and within a day or so, we had polished it, shot, and edited the entire project. The biggest challenge really that we ran into was not laughing while we filmed it. That was more my challenge than his. He crushed this without breaking a sweat.

Let me know what you think!


Nice job. There’s no way I could get through that speech without cracking up. If you want to do a sequel some day, I’m sure you’ll have plenty of material to work with—something along the lines of a ghost that haunts the internet and won’t go away. :stuck_out_tongue:

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That was awesome! Good job :slight_smile:

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Very good :smile:

… and true.

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Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

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Masterfully done.

It was really good… but the best? The blue screen! That was fantastic! :smiley:

haha, interesting video, nice work man

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