Highlighting Named Anchors

I have a page linked here (http://www.tds-exhibits.com/test/products/) that uses jQuery to highlight a DIV once you choose a link from within the Products dropdown button in the main navigation. So when you choose a dropdown from the Products button the browser scrolls to that DIV and highlights the area briefly with a different color.

This is working well enough, but the problem is when I am on an alternate page such as the Services page (http://www.tds-exhibits.com/test/services/). When you are on this page and then you choose a link from the Products dropdown button it DOES jump to the correct page but it DOES NOT scroll (which I can live without) and it DOES NOT highlight the respective DIV area.

Can someone tell me how I can make the highlight DIV work if the user is on an alternate page other than the Products page and then chooses a link from within the Products dropdown list?

Thanks for anyones help in advance!

Todd Temple