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Hello I have some issues with my wordpress theme AdForest. Support actually just repeat the same sentences and nothing really to help me out. It was tested with all possible ways, with plugins, without plugins, We have upgraded to higest VPS plan that we could find and the issue presist. The main issue with the theme is that it makes CPU overload. I think is the unstopable script loading from the thyeme… just look at the screenshots. And emagine what is hjappening if there is 10 users in the same time. I sytoped the heartbeat control and this stoped too, but they ashured me in the new version there is no such a think… I updated and guess what… Its the same damn ting again… I need the heartbeat so I can use social media autoipost plugin… Is there anyone with some solution. I am strugeling with the support and there is no solution from months already.

Scrshot 1. https://prnt.sc/nquu04

Scrshot 2. 10 minutes later -

At this time there was two users and 3 admins logged in.
ONLY plugins that came with the theme are on. I turned on now the wordFence plugin as thinking this mayd be an atack, but after seing the logs in console and …offcorse with turned on plugins for deffence no change… We before tested it EVEN with themes plugins off, the results ware the same… There is no problems only if Heart Beat is off, but as I sayd I need it on because of autoposter plugin

Hi quickedhead welcome to the forum

It sounds like you need to compromise if possible. You know Heart Beat is responsible, yet you need Heart Beat. How often is it running?

Hello Mittineague, thanks :slight_smile:
Well yesterday there was 40 users and almost the entire day was with CPU overloads without the Heartbeat stopped… Developers responded me today and they sayd nothing much, only that their new version will be better and with better speed too.

So for now atleast I will leave the heartbeat so users can use the website. Until I have found a solution or the developers come with new version of the theme with those issues fixed…
EDIT: Hmm the weird think is that tn this last version I have updated 4 days ago after heart beat disabled the requests are …still working o.O :open_mouth:
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Hi there
We have updated the theme, but yet no difference. I start thinking that the old version of the terrible WPBakery builder is causing the problem in some way. He is an oldversion. Unfortunately it is with the theme, so the builders have to pay for the newer version. I dont want to buy it because is too expensive and usuallu dont like it. If I would pay for builder would be elementor… but sadly it is not compatible with Adforest.

While I would in most cases recommend another solution than Wordpress whenever possible, we have run it in large multiblog systems for clients (500k+ blogs etc.) but that require rewrites/changes to make it work with low load. Especially plugins and themes for Wordpress is usually of horrible quality.

The way wordpress has implemented heartbeat is not optimal, being based on request polling instead of a websocket. This means that if your tick interval is too quick, this could potentially quick overload a small server instance if there is many users using it.

If you really need heartbeat I would try is increase the time between each tick interval to over a minute and see how that works. Take a look on this article for more info:


I know, but it would crazy if I have to move 12 000 ads to another CMS. Otherways I also think for different solution than Wordpress. Didnt expect that to happen. But yoou are correct.I understand it nwo from experience unfortunately.

Thanks for the advice. I will try that.
PS what wuould you say about stopping admin-ajax for non-admin users plus your advice ?! And actually is it possible ?!

Everything is possible, the question is usually “is it worth the effort required to make it happen”.

Unfortunately I do not know the answer to your question, as it depends how the plugin utilize the polling today. I.e. is it required for every user to display X functionality, or is it only used for admin/moderators.

Another important question is, what is it using the polling for. Is it used to display updated content to the user for example, if this is the case, then another question is, what is an acceptable waiting time for this change to show up on a users screen. I.e. is it vital that this show up within 10 seconds, or can it show up after 1 minute, etc.

All of those are important questions which when you know the answers can help you reduce the load the polling cause on the server.

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Hi, After two versions for now the thing have a changed. The CPU problems have been reduced. Weirdly now it happens only on Opera browsers, from my tests in other browsers it does not makes anymore the unstopable load of scripts with admin-ajax. I found a way to stop it and the website is working except that I dont receive any emails for new ads or users, after the new version of the AdForest theme i stoped it and the dev’s prommised that they will fix the low page speed in the nearest version updates of the theme. Thanks for all the answers! :slight_smile:

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