Hiding file location

I have a site that can play an mp3 file, but that file is also for sale. Since they are also for sale I want to make sure someone can’t access the file by watching fiddler to see where the flash mp3 player is pulling the file from.

My thought on how to do this is create a false name that the player can call but someone couldn’t put into a url. To further explain, I would set up the site to handle the call to an mp3 file through a specific php page. I could have that page read the name of the mp3 being called, decode the name which would tell me what file they are looking, then pass back the actual mp3.

I’m having a tough time coming up with the scheme for creating the false name that I can verify came from the mp3 player, and not a user typing in the name. Any suggestions?

Assuming you are using a database and you stored the mp3 url in the database, you could do an AJAX call with the specific song ID via POST search for the song id, and return the url to your mp3 player.

If a visitor can play it then they already have a copy on their computer and it is too late to try to hide it.

Like felgall writes, you must assume that if the visitor can see it or hear it, then they can do whatever they want with it.

If you are offering the mp3 for sale but you want people to be able to hear it before they buy it, you might consider writing some code that extracts a small sample from the audio. You can then offer this short clip to the visitor to give them a feel for the file before they buy. Another possibility is to offer the whole file, but add static to the sound and inject the sound of somebody saying “sample only” every few seconds. This is the audio equivalent of watermarking an image. Both of these techniques are used by companies selling music online to allow visitors to hear a sample before buying.

Even if you use one of these techniques, though, that doesn’t stop a legitimate customer from turning around and releasing your content on a file sharing network.

Or they could use an audio program to record the output of their sound card.

Does that mean I could technically go into my temp files and retrieve every song Pandora plays?

Well, I just did some searches and apparently it’s quite easy to retrieve the song files pandora plays, so I guess I won’t worry about it to much.

Here’s a suggestion, why not offer maybe a 10,20, or 30 sample of the song. If they want to buy the song, I would say come up with a way to where they want to buy the full song that only that page for that song shows up.

I have also similar question some months ago and got similar answer
i think it is about making things difficult as other say it is impossible to achieve this in real…
may be some options can be putting in inside swf…(people love to have song in mp3 form)…they will have to put an extra effort to get actual file
abouting recording with sound card,internet needs to be good and play it without buffering(some may argue that she will join it later…but it still makes things difficult…lol)

If you want them to hear the entire song before purchase… then I suggest you add in some copyright material every 5-10 seconds. Maybe just the name of your business would sounds every 5-10 seconds.

Think of it like a image copyright except you would record something, or even an entirely different clip just to break it up so that people dont just record what you are letting them hear.

People by default dont like advertisement of any form.
So i think this approach has lots of problems…
and even people will start looking into alternatives…
so atleast i dont suggest this

Well the Envato marketplaces have had them implemented for a long time and they are having great success with it. You can see it for yourself here http://audiojungle.net/

It is not advertisement, protecting your work is hardly called advertising. With that logic you could say that Getty Images should remove all forms of copyright on their photos because people do not like advertising?