Hiding element when printing? Bootstrap 4

Hi there,

I am trying to hide an outer circle of an element which displays a percentage.

I have found out that bootstrap 4 has built in print hidden classes.

However, when I apply it, it is hiding it on desktop.

This is my code:

<div class="c100 p55 d-print-none">
                    <div class="slice">
                        <div class="bar"></div>
                        <div class="fill"></div>

Can anyone see what I have wrong? The class kind of works, but it hides the outer circle on desktop and both the score and the circle when printing.

I basically need to hide all the elements in the above when printing and only show the 55% when printing.


The d-print-none will hide the whole div and all its contents when printed. It should have no effect on desktop.

@media print {
 .d-print-none {
  display: none!important;

Once you hide the whole div with display:none you can’t reveal any part of its children.

I don’t know what styles you have applied to c100 so can’t offer a solution.

You could add d-print-none to .slice instead but of course if you have styles applied to c100 then these would still show.

I suggest you just set up a media print and negate the styles you don’t want.

e.g. Add a class to the parent and then…

@media print {
 .c100print {
 /* etc.  -negate all styles not needed for print */
.c100print .slice{display:none}

That’s just a rough idea but you should get the picture :slight_smile:

(Note the print styles should follow after the original rules and not before them.)


Thank you very much for the reply :slight_smile:

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