Hiding asp.net menu Items

I need to hide some of my menu items, but I dont know how.

I get the data from a web.siteMap xml file and since it is a site Map, I have included all the pages in my website. Problem is, some of those pages need a querystring to properly function; and I dont want to have to tell the user that he’s on the wrong page because he clicked an Item from the menu which he shouldnt have. So I decide to hide those pages.

Can someone tell me how?

Catch the MenuItemDataBound event and then using whatever logic you choose make it visible/not visible.


Thanks for the post,

I deleted the menu items like this.

If e.Item.Text = ("Bill Editor") Or _
           e.Item.Text = ("Cancel Bill") Or _
           e.Item.Text = ("Cancel Payment") Or _
           e.Item.Text = ("Payment Record") Or _
           e.Item.Text = ("Billing Statement") Or _
           e.Item.Text = ("Edit Account") Then
End If

I hope this helps others as well.