Hide /mask IP link

Hello! i got this problem with " http://x.xxx.xxx.x/register.php " ( x stands for numbers from Ip address )
And i want to hide or put a mask because i get ddosed day by day.

This is a " sample " of my script:

<center><iframe  name="BLESS" src="http://x.xxx.xxx.x/register.php" scrolling="no" width="500" frameborder="0" height="400"></iframe></center>

If anyone know what i must do! because in View page source it’s showing my IP . THere it isn’t any way to work on this… or to make a protection .

I am new to this and to tell the truth i am lost… can sameone help me with advices / tutorials how to do it… or do something so i can stop people ddosing me. I mention that is a server…

Sorry if i post it in worng section.

Hiding the IP is not going to solve your problem.
Protecting yourself from a Denial of Service attack requires protection on the network level.

And how i am going to get do that?
Any advices?

Talk to your hosting provider about their firewall options and ability to track / block the attack before it hits your server.

You could use CloudFlare to protect you to a certain extent. But if you really need some proper DDoS Protection its gonna cost you some cash you could speak to BlackLotus and see what they can offer you.

Is it a real DDoS (your server under sufficiently heavy load on this page that it ceases to function properly) or is it just a case that your registration page is attracting a lot of false registrations?

Well … my server is in rank 1-10 and because we keep in rank people is ddosing me and everytime i need to go under maint so i can fix it and change the if of the updater… and to put the server in maint like 3-5 times per day… it is way to much… i need to cllean junk stuff that they put on it and other stuff… i think that people that were ddosed know much more than me… i am still a beginer in these things and it’s taking time to fix all back… but i am doing it… So now i was looking for a way to hide or do something so i can keep out these annoying people that don’t have anything else and good to do…

Oh! And yes EastCoast it is a

" real DDoS (your server under sufficiently heavy load on this page that it ceases to function properly) "

Anyway! Thank you all for all the information till now. Apreciate it.

Are they saturating your network connection, or overloading web server resources (cpu, memory, disk i/o)? If the latter, and depending on how strong the attack is and your application structure, you may be able to avoid the effects by some server optimisation e.g switching to a more effective web server software like nginx, and putting a caching proxy on the front, database optimisation.

Sometimes they overload the server resources, and other times they saturating my connection.

How diverse is the ip range attacking, and do you have access to firewall resources external to your server?

Well it’s the biggest attack i have ever seen using - and so on.
Biggest i seen using or something close. And about firewall i don’t know.


Consider that range as bogus. Remember, a DDOS isn’t waiting for a response, it’s merely trying to overwhelm the server and handling responses would merely slow its attack.