Hide Div and Show Div Using javascript and jquery in css

hi everyone
I have created one web page for website, these having four main Div but i have to do Show Div and Hide some Div using javascript or jquery in css.

Four main Div are:-

  1. header
    2) banner
  2. Content

:- on the website two div hide content and footer these two div are hidden when user open the website.

:- And header and banner not hidden these two div are displaying data on website, the website width:- 960 and height:- 650, but should it work same in all major browser
and one thing also in mind how to solve the height issue on basis of moniter configuration.

:- on header having menu navigation button after click button’s, content and footer div should be display or show on the bottom of the header div and banner div should be hide/hidden.


I’ve just read and re-read your post, but I couldn’t find a question in there.
What is it exactly you are having trouble with?
It would be helpful to know what you have tried so far, and for you to provide a sample of code which encapsulates the problem.

Please also be aware that asking for someone to make your site for you, almost always leads to your post being ignored.

You can easily hide and show divs from JavaScript simply by having the JavaScript update either the display or visibility attribute for the div in the CSS.

for example:

<div id=“content”>

and then either

document.getElementById(‘content’).style.visibility = ‘hidden’; // to hide but retain the space
document.getElementById(‘content’).style.visibility = ‘visible’; // to show again


document.getElementById(‘content’).style.display = ‘none’; // to hide completely
document.getElementById(‘content’).style.display = ‘block’;// to show again reclaiming the space

Thank’s for answering