Hidden columns just in ie

Hello all - calling the experts out there I’m unsure how or why the following css rules are messing with the following page columns left and right hand side of the middle main content

Caribbean Holidays : All Inclusive Diving : Scuba Diving : Caribbean Vacations

/* s-c-s (Sidebar-Content-Sidebar) */
.s-c-s .colmid {float:left;position:relative;width:200%;}
.s-c-s .colright {float:left;left:50%;position:relative;width:100%;}
.s-c-s .col1wrap {float:right;position:relative;right:100%;width:50%;padding-bottom:1em;}
.s-c-s .col1pad {overflow:hidden;}
.s-c-s .col1 {overflow:hidden;width:100%;}
.s-c-s .col2 {float:left;position:relative;overflow:hidden;margin-left:-50%;}
.s-c-s .col3 {float:left;position:relative;overflow:hidden;left:0;}

/* s-c-x (Sidebar-Content) */
.s-c-x .colright {float:left;position:relative;width:200%;}
.s-c-x .col1wrap {float:right;padding-bottom:1em;position:relative;width:50%;}
.s-c-x .col1 {overflow:hidden;position:relative;right:100%;}
.s-c-x .col2 {float:left;position:relative;}

/* x-c-s (Content-Sidebar) */
.x-c-s .colright {float:left;position:relative;right:100%;width:200%;}
.x-c-s .col1wrap {float:left;left:50%;padding-bottom:1em;position:relative;width:50%;}
.x-c-s .col1 {overflow:hidden;}
.x-c-s .col3 {float:right;position:relative;}

using the developer tools removing or playing with these rules shows the columns but at the base of the page.

Expert needed- I have no quick ideas on this…:eye: