Hi! I would like your opinion about this plugin for wordpress I'm working on

Good to all! I have this wordpress plugin almost ready to publish and I want to see if it can be useful to someone.
I developed a PHP plugin that connects with the Open AI API and uses the ChatGPT-3 engine to publish your blog and through some fields that the user completes, the bot will perform all the publishing tasks, even respecting parameters according to SEO best practices.
I leave the detail and screenshot of the plugin, I would like to know if you are interested and if you see if something can be recorded or removed. This is open to criticism.

Here I leave the file where you can find all the information

IBlog Automatic IA https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rZx3sUzrH6WtsKXF8aB3qmsTy84kYMwucbcMQSyK4-0/edit

The resource in the link isn’t accessible.
Can you make it public so people can see?

Hi! I’m really sorry, Im working on ti now, in a moment it’d be avaiable for the public

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very useful plugin. did you release it yet?

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