Hi dudes may u help me with this please?

my colleague give me his system that he did in jsp when he was in college which is simple online help desk but he didn’t send me the database tables he didn’t backup it said it was lost so he asked me to simply create my own db(i have no clue what it should looks like) so does that mean i got nothing the system is useless?please i need an urgent help

thank you sir anyway i’m trying to figure it out:(

I met this problem before,and I created the tables by reading the code line by line.Of course this is not available if the program is complicated. Look into the code carefully and patiently,create the keywords,entries,tables step by step.Don’t forget to put the database connecting language at the appropriate line.

Not sure why you would not ask for clarification from the guy who coded. If you don’t know how to create db then tell him that you need help. This happened few times to me as well, if the other guy just be honest about his skill levels then I’d be more then happy to help. Maybe he thinks you do know how to create db

First find INSERT queries… There you will find out a table structure but check variable types so you can create correct fields.

Then search for SELECT with JOIN queries where you will find foreign keys and relations between tables…

It isn’t easy task but there are no other solution…

If it makes you feel better I’m depressed at work as well…

well i’m really depressed now the code is not complicated its just me have a limited experience god help me:(