Hey guys! Question about multiple background images support

Hello. Its been quite a long time for me and my brain is rusty. Im building a site and instead of using tons of empty divs I figure the browser world might have wide support for multiple images by now. I googled so I just wanted to confirm. It says that there is 87% support now. It showed all the phones supporting it and tablets (I believe). Does it cut off at ie8 or 9? Do you think its worth it?

Basically, yes. Multiple bg support hits a wall at IE8. Which is , incidentally no longer supported by M$ anyway ( since they aren’t supporting XP). So I think it’s safe to consider using multiple bg… UNLESS you are hellbent in supporting older browsers ( always consider your audience, despite ‘official’ support) .

Incidentally, if you only need an extra image or two you could also consider using AP’ed pseudo elements and z-index.

Thnaks bro. And all the mobile browsers support it right?

yup, mobile support is there as well.
so the only worry zones would be:
IE<9, FF <3.6, and O<10.5. EVERYTHING else supports this prop.

Nice! So much easier. Thats the ticket. You take a year off and when you come back everyone is caught up with current specs.