Help with very simple HTML/CSS

Here’s our current page:

I want to add a little intro blurb at the top of the page but I’m having trouble finding the right HMTL and CSS to do it. Can someone guide me? Thanks!

I’m sorry but I don’t fully understand. Right now, you just have row upon row upon row of masks. Where would the text blurb be? There is no room for it.

Sorry for the confusion. If you scroll to the very bottom of the page, you’ll see a little text blurb. This text/html is editable in the Shopify dashboard. I’m going to move it from the bottom to the top in the template file.

Does that make sense?

Ok the text below? You originally said top of hte page now you say bottom :stuck_out_tongue: .

All of our men’s masquerade masks are expertly handcrafted to provide you, the modern man, with a luxurious product that speaks of classical elegance. Ranging from traditional to contemporary masks, we’re certain you’ll find something to suit your style.

That still doesn’t let me know where exactly you want it. You still have rows upon rows of masks. How do you envision this laid out? Two masks per row with the paragraph text side-by-side? Instead of 3 images + no text?

The text is currently at the bottom but we want to change it to the top. Here’s how it would be laid out:

-Nav Menu-
-Intro Blurb with Category photo on the left and Text on the right-
-Product Loop of all products in that category (all the rows of products-

I’m trying to add the intro blurb above all of the rows of products. It wouldn’t be repeating or anything. It’s just a one time introduction the the product category. Does that make sense?

So basically before the products start loooping, you want the text? After .sixteen_columns and right before .section, add your text there.

I’m more of a visual creature and I was mainly referring to images to help me understand.

Yes exactly. Below the nav/breadcrump but above the product loop.

If you have access to the full HTML, I just let you know where to put it. Before the first .section in the HTML, just place text there

Before the first occurance of this
<div class="section">

If you have to look in the server side coded loop and wodner where it goes, post the full page and I’ll help you find where to place it.

Okay so I know where to place it in the HTML, but I don’t know what HTML and CSS code to use so that it looks like the image I uploaded in OP

Here’s a rough example you could start with:

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