Help With Time Zone Conversions

I get SO confused with time zone conversions.

Can someone that is good at it confirm that these times are all the same (this week).

PDT (GMT -7) 1PM Wed
AEST (GMT +11) 7AM Thu
NZ (GMT +13) 9AM Thu

Looks good to me.

Rome is on GMT+2, so that would be 10PM.

If PDT is Pacific Time (California) then it’s actually GMT -8 (Which would be 12 noon on Wednesday).

East Coast (EST) which would be New York City is GMT -5, or 3PM on Wednesday.

If AEST is Australian Eastern Time, and the Wikipedia page is to believed. AEST is GMT +10, or 6 AM on Thursday.

I don’t know about New Zealand.


The Pacific guys are on daylight savings now, as are Australia, so my original times are correct, I just got some of the acronyms wrong. :slight_smile:

Alright, I trust you :smiley: I’m not the Galactic Overlord :smiley:


That’s why I prefer GMT (or UTC) time. That’s standard and always the same, and I know I’m on GMT+1 (winter) or GMT+2 (summer), while I have no idea how my time zone relates to PDT, AEST or whatever other time zone, not without the help of a time zone conversion site that is.