Help with tables

Yup you read right… tables!.:eek:
Before y’all laugh and start throwing abuse I’m still dabbling/learning CSS so for the meantime table suits all my website needs.:lol:

I hope this is in the right place
I’m having problems with one column in particular
Image 1:
Image 2:

As you can see in the design view (Image 1) there is no space between the header images (eg ‘(s)crap’) and the image underneath but when i preview the page in firefox (Image 2)there is spacing :confused:
Hopefully there is a simple solution and I’ve just missed something really silly!

I can post the code if it helps…

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi, this could be a few things at play here. Try setting the image to a vertical-align:bottom to kill wihtespace under it.


Can you post this online for us to look at? If not, then post full HTML/CSS (though we’d really prefer a link to accesss the images)

Cheers RyanReese

I selected the image and put in the code but still the same problem
maybe I put the code in the wrong place…?

I’ve uploaded the images to my site so maybe you can have a look at the code yourself and see how bad the spacing is :confused:

Site: (scroll down)

HI, you are doing tables for layouts and due to the wayyou structured, this should be happening (because you do each set of image in a seperate row and the bigger image on the left is cuasing the bottom rightish image to show up further down)

I’d lose the tables and just create it via floats. I’d wrap the images in hte left in a <div> floated left (width a width)

Then have all the images on the rightwith a width floated left as well (make this latert in the source then the left images <div>)

It should line up (assuming your width isn’t too big.)

Mess with margins to perfection ;).