Help with sites background image

Hi guys! I’m a bit of a newbie here

We use the Joomla CMS System.
The question is… How do I change the background image on my site?
I can edit modules, menus, articles and everything, I am no newbie to the CMS but for the life of me I cannot figue out how to change the background image on the site!
If anyone could help, that would be great
I have access to the hosting control panel too, so if it’s anything to do with that I could go there too.

Any help would be appreciated!


Presumably you have access to the CSS file, so as long as you do, and as long as you can upload images, then all you need to do is point the CSS file to a different bg image. I’m not familiar with Joomla, but does that make sense?

Yes that makes perfect sense!
Trying to find the right css file though and still can’t, the guy who did the website has made a huge mess of it, so it’s proving difficult.
Any ideas which folder name the css file would be in for a background image?

If I had a link to the site, I could tell you in about three seconds! But it’s eas to check for yourself. In most browsers (other than IE) you can right click on the element and choose Inspect Element (though you need Firebug installed with Firefox). Then you will see the element code and the CSS that goes with it, and it will tell you which CSS file that rule is in and where that CSS file is located.

Got it! Thanks for the help :D, this stuff gives me a headache :stuck_out_tongue: