Help with rounding up fields

Hello friends, I have two questions and hope someone could suggest something.

  1. Is is possible to round up specified fields in mysql database columns? If it is how can this be achieved?

  2. I want to round up 4 fields in the query below so that the comparison on those 4 fields would be without errors since the two fields do not have the exact number of significant figures. Rounding these fields should checkmate error. How can I do it in the query below on the latitude and server_latitude, longitude and server_longitude.

I want to simply add the rounding up to the query which is working already. Thanks for your help. Below is the query:

SELECT r.rmc_time, r.rmc_date, r.latitude, r.longitude, IF(s.server_rmc_time IS NULL AND s.server_rmc_date IS NULL AND s.server_latitude IS NULL AND s.server_longitude IS NULL, ‘mobile’, ‘both’) c FROM rmc_raw_data r
LEFT JOIN server_log_data s
ON r.rmc_time = s.server_rmc_time AND r.rmc_date = s.server_rmc_date AND r.latitude = s.server_latitude AND r.longitude = s.server_longitude
SELECT s.server_rmc_time, s.server_rmc_date, s.server_latitude, s.server_longitude, IF(r.rmc_time IS NULL AND r.rmc_date IS NULL AND r.latitude IS NULL AND r.longitude IS NULL, ‘server’, ‘both’) c FROM rmc_raw_data r
RIGHT JOIN server_log_data s
ON r.rmc_time = s.server_rmc_time AND r.rmc_date = server_rmc_date AND r.latitude = server_latitude AND r.longitude = s.server_longitude
) t
LEFT JOIN rmc_raw_data r1
ON r1.rmc_time = t.rmc_time AND r1.rmc_date = t.rmc_date AND r1.latitude = t.latitude AND r1.longitude = t.longitude
LEFT JOIN server_log_data s1
ON s1.server_rmc_time = t.rmc_time AND s1.server_rmc_date = t.rmc_date AND s1.server_latitude = t.latitude AND s1.server_longitude = t.longitude
r1.data_source = c, s1.data_source = c;



yes, it is possible, and it is achieved with the ROUND function