Help with position absolute/fixed

hello guys im looking for some ideas here.

i have this site
Tuco Cárdenas | Sitio Oficial

i have a problem, i can either position 2 divs (the one on top that says “tuco / eres tu” & the bottom one with the menu) in the place where i want, but when the div moves, they move with it or i can make them fixed, but i can’t position them where i want to.

how can i resolve that? any ideas?


Where do you want them?

i need them like this



Position fixed doesn’t make any sense in that situation because when the page content scrolls the text will remain fixed in position and look strange.

You just need to absolutely position:the text into the corner of the layout. Make sure the main parent is position:relative (if it is not positioned already) and then the absolute elements will keep track with the layout.