Help with pages with broken Javascript found in ahrefs scan

I recently deleted a directory ‘forums’ in my domain (message forum software) and in my ahrefs site audit I’m getting:

‘Issues - Page has broken javascript’

The URL it shows is:

Here’s what ahrefs say about this:

‘The 404 (Not Found) HTTP status code indicates that the file could have been moved or deleted, but the link to it was not changed. To fix this issue, you can restore the JS file with the old URL, edit the link on a page so that it points to a relevant file, or remove the link altogether if that JS file is no longer needed on that page.’

If you look at the attachment, these are 4 of the files that ‘point’ to the js file that is now gone…there are between 23 and 29 files that point to the file from each page on my site.

So maybe a function runs on each page automatically?

Can anyone help?

I’m new here (and am not a coder)…so hello and thanks in advance.


well its WordPress, so almost certainly its an external loader… is there a wordpress plugin installed still that was your forum’s loader?


So I started thinking after your response ‘this appears on every page’ and then I checked: I had installed a script in the header. I took it out…issue solved.

Thank you!


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