Help with MySQL syntax error "Resource id #7"

Hi, I am stuck with a SQL syntax error that I can’t identify:

Couldn't execute the query query
You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'Resource id #7' at line 1.

What is “Resource id #7”?

I only get the error when I run the query in my PHP script.The same query ran in phpMyadmin doesn’t give the error.

Here’s my PHP code;

$date_start_select = $_GET['date_start_select'];
$date_end_select = $_GET['date_end_select'];
	$query = mysql_query("
	SELECT `id`, `date_start`, `date_end`, `title`, `theme`, `body`
	FROM `moca_daysahead`
	ORDER BY date_start");

$result = mysql_query($query)
or die ("Couldn't execute the query <i>query</i><br />".mysql_error().".");
echo "Query: ".$query."<br /><br />";

		// initialize header and set it to an empty string
		$header = '';
		// mysql_fetch_assoc will return each row from your result set
		// when there are no more results, the while loop ends
		while ($row=mysql_fetch_assoc($query))
			// we only want to print the header if it hasn't been seen in the result yet
			if ($header!=$row['date_start'])
			print "<div class=\\"header\\" style=\\"margin-top:20px\\"><u>".$row['date_start']."</u></div><br />\
			// means the current header display is for $row['date_start']
			$header = $row['date_start'];
		$row['h_title'] = utf8_decode($row['title']);
		$row['h_theme'] = utf8_decode($row['theme']);
		print "<div style=\\"margin-bottom:8px\\">";

		print "<b><a href=\\"daysahead.php?p=daysahead_edit.php&id=".$row['id']."\\">".$row['h_title']."</a></b><br />";

		if ($row['theme'])
		print " (".$row['h_theme'].")";
		print "</div>\

MySQL 5.1.49
PHP 4.4.9

Thanks for any help.

this is proof that you are having a php error, not a mysql error :slight_smile:

i don’t do php but it looks like you are executing the result of the query

this executes the query and puts the result into $query –

$query = [COLOR="#FF0000"]mysql_query[/COLOR](" 
    SELECT `id`, `date_start`, `date_end`, `title`, `theme`, `body`  
    FROM `moca_daysahead`  
    ORDER BY date_start");

then you try to execute the result –

$result = [COLOR="#FF0000"]mysql_query[/COLOR]($query) 

Indeed, this leftover code seemed to have caused the problem.

I removed it and it now works.

Thank you!

who is abduraooft?

I am not familiar with this word…

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