Help with Facebook social login

Hello I’m trying to setup the facebook social login on my website. I managed to get the google and twitter logins working but I’m not able to get the fb one going.

I’ve registered as a developer and I have created the app, but I’m not sure what to enter in my appconf file that asks for the facebook App ID and App Secret.

Please help!

I’m getting

Fatal error: Uncaught exception
‘Exception’ with message ‘The Facebook SDK v4 requires PHP version 5.4 or higher.’
in /home/vancou/public_html/auth/auth/platforms/facebook-app/autoload.php:32
Stack trace: #0 /home/vancou/public_html/auth/auth/platforms/facebook-app/facebook.php(9):
require_once() #1 {main}
thrown in /home/vancou/public_html/auth/auth/platforms/facebook-app/autoload.php on line 32

So do you have PHP version 5.4 or higher ?

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