Help with expand/collapse menu


I am wondering if someone can assist me with making the below script work with a 3-tier expand/collapse menu?

50Webs Tutorials » Expand-Collapse Menu

Right now, it’s only programmed for 2-tiers. I need to be able to expand like this:

  • Item
    + Item
    - Item
    - Item

Here it is in practice: Expanding Menu

If you expand Direct Lending you’ll see that Industry Verticals opens already expanded and can’t be closed.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Have you done anything at all? if so post it and be more specific in your question, tell us what is it that you are stuck with because to tell you the truth I don´t really think anyone here will do all the work for you they will surely help you out along the way.

I don’t know anything about javascript, and didn’t realize this would be a very involved process.

My skill set is limited to html, css and php.

I will have to look for another script or possibly find a friend to help me out.

Thanks for the heads up.

if you have PHP knowledge I think you will be fine with javascript they are not the same but many things work the same way, you should try it and if you get stuck with something just come back and someone here will help you out.