Help with contact on nav

would someone be able to help me, I’ve added contact details above my navigation - mobile and email. How do I go about, getting rid of the the hover, I don’t want it to do the same as what happens on the nav…

Also when It goes to responsive I would like it to hide in the drop down with the rest of the nav at the moment it’s visible.

any help with be appreciated. Thank you

Add a class to the list with your contact info, then copy the css, and change the background and color. For example

nav li:hover{
	background-color: #fff;

Without incorporating some javascript which would change the DOM to move those items inside that other list, I don’t know how else you’d accomplish that.

Hi there darkxangel84,

if you display your email address you leave yourself wide open to spam attacks. :cold_sweat:

You really need to look for a server side - ( PHP possibly ) - solution for that. :ok:

I would suggest that you go here…

…for good advice. :ok_hand:


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